Cages for Sale

We can custom make you a cage!

If you live in central Iowa and have the ability to pick it up, we will not charge shipping. As we just started making cages, we have not yet gotten into the logistics of how to ship them or what to charge for shipping. If you’re interested in a custom cage and unable to pick it up, please email us to discuss and we can try to work it out with you.

The cage below is an example of a 2’x2’x5′ sugar glider cage that we made. It was constructed with PVC-coated wire with 1/2″x1″ spacing. We used stainless steel j-clips to hold it together and there is a wire shelf on top of the pan, high enough to keep the sugar gliders out of their droppings. We did not put shelves in this particular cage, but we can put in shelves and ladders if needed. we’re finding that leaving the shelves out creates more room for the gliders to jump back & forth & less hassle for us when cleaning. We use PVC-coated wire for sugar gliders, but are somewhat flexible in the style and spacing of the wire, depending on what animal you will be keeping in the cage. We can also make cages for rats, ferrets, guinnea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, degus, and other small animals. We charge $195 for the cage below. Prices vary depending on what type of wire is used, what type of cage pan is used, etc. Please contact us for a price and time estimate for your particular project. We would love to work with you to get you a good quality cage that suits your needs.

Custom sugar glider cage

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